Preparing for an interview

Preparing for an interview can be one of the most nerve-racking part of the job hunting process. Here are top 6 steps that will help you to prepare.

  • Check the job requirement specifications again

This will help you in preparing on technical aspects for the job interview.

  • Research about the organization and your audience

Knowing about the company and your audience is as important as knowing the job specification. This helps in understanding what the employer is looking for and promote yourself effectively. Find out the interview panel and prepare your questions accordingly.

  • Choose what to wear

Choose your outfit and keep it ready a day in advance. Make sure it is cleaned and pressed and you have the appropriate accessories to go with it.

  • Prepare the documents to be carried

Find out the documents needed to be carried and keep them ready in a file.

  • Time Management

Plan your time considering traffic and other factors. Make sure you reach at least 15 minutes before the given time.

  • During Interview

Treating the staff respectfully

Interview Etiquettes – Greetings and Thank You

Just be yourself

Look attentive and interested

Listen and answer on your turn

Finally ask your questions



Preparing for an interview

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