Cost Analyst (UAE National) - CLOSED

Job Title: Cost Analyst (UAE NATIONALS)

Industry: Government Organization

Job Location: Dubai, UAE

Job Description

Skills, Abilities, Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Familiarity with Activity-based costing, TARGETC COSTING and standard cost system
2. Ability to analyse cost deviations
3. The ability to calibrate direct wages in terms of preparing the efficiency standard and determining the standard costs of wages
4. Make recommendations on the policy of cost reduction and financial rationalization.
5. Record and analyse cost elements and link them to cost centers. Analyse cost elements and work to load them on production units or services provided.
6. Measure the cost of items of materials or supplies and wages or labor and expenses or services
7. The ability to distribute indirect costs to the cost center or departments and sections and determine the cost drivers for each service or activity
8. Ability to measure the cost of productive and administrative activity (operations)
9. Ability to measure service cost
10. Ability to identify variable and fixed costs and direct and indirect costs
11. Ability to control the responsibility center by determining the responsibility for each activity and allocating the cost and revenue associated with the activities in preparation for determining the costs controlled and uncontrollable. Central and more preferential and operational at the level of minimum management.
12. Ability to interpret productive activity and other non-productive activities to achieve measurement and control objectives
13. Control the cost elements in order to eradicate wasteful use of the elements and prepare the necessary reports to reduce and rationalize expenditures
14. Develop estimates and identify the typical costs on which future leadership policies are formulated
15. Provide analytical support to departmental projects.
16. Contribute to the design and development of the cost system, while working to follow the outputs of the system of operations and services to provide the necessary data for the cost system.
17. Contribute to the development of regulatory procedures to control and control costs and eliminate waste and wasteful time and resources used in the implementation of operations or service delivery.
18. Preparation of data for decision-makers to assist in planning, control and decision-making, for example the decision on the expansion of service provision or privatization.
19. Analysis of actual services / operations costs and periodic reporting Comparison of standard costs of actual services / operations costs.
20. Prepare reports on the results of services / operations and their development through the necessary statistical and statistical analysis and charts.

Cost Analyst Skills and Qualifications:
1. Statistical data analysis – to interpret enterprise performance data.
2. Operational Analysis – Reducing operating costs, including inventory valuation, product costs, overhead costs, direct labor, etc., is a primary responsibility of the cost analyst.
3. Costing methodology – to determine whether an organization is using its resources correctly
4. Mathematical Problem Solving – Cost Analyst must have proven analytical, mathematical and problem-solving skills to successfully accomplish his tasks
5. Accounting – Basic knowledge of accounting and financial analysis is essential for making cost-benefit analysis decisions
6. Writing Skills – The cost analyst should translate complex financial information into simple reports that managers and non-technical staff can easily understand
7. Communication skills
8. Organizational skills

Use the following programs: (Microsoft Office, cost accounting program

Educational and professional qualifications Bachelor of Accounting Professional Certificate in Cost Accounting




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Position Cost Analyst (UAE National) - CLOSED
Industry Government
Location Dubai,United Arab Emirate
The date of the position 23.12.2019
Consultants: Manasa Kaslekar