Our team

Manasa Kaslekar - Recruitment Consultant

When Manasa joined Smyth and Bradshaw she brought with her 6 years of unique and valuable experience which she has used to uphold and strengthen the principles that Smyth and Bradshaw espouses. Manasa’s experience within recruitment is extensive; she diversified career paths from customer service and sales to recruitment over five years ago and she has managed to acquire a great amount of expertise in that time. Manasa has covered industries ranging from financial banking to IT, along with food and beverage and has worked exclusively on senior management to executive level roles. While she has focused specifically on the MENA region she has located and placed talent in all parts of the world.

Manasa came to Smyth and Bradshaw after seeing how closely her values aligned with those of the firm. Manasa sees herself as a bridge between candidates and employers. she enjoys talking to candidates to find their motivations and to encourage them to leave their comfort zone in order to pursue their dreams. She also interacts extensively with clients to ensure that the candidates she presents are a perfect match for the roles she is assigned. Working for Smyth and Bradshaw has given Manasa the opportunity to immerse herself in the personal aspect of recruitment and to make a positive difference in the lives of clients and candidates alike.

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