Our team

Imran Dawood - Senior Consultant

When it comes to the field of recruitment you will be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate than Imran who brings 6 years of rich experience to Smyth and Bradshaw. While he began his career working for an NGO in Pakistan in the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis, he quickly realised that his aptitude and skills loaned themselves perfectly to a career in consulting.

His talent brought him to Smyth and Bradshaw in February, 2016 when he saw the opportunity to help the firm further establish their expertise in Emirtisation and the executive search division.

Imran’s passion for his job comes from the fact that he views himself as a conduit to helping a person achieve their dreams. While recruitment is a career and a passion for Imran, he also views it as an immense responsibility. He sees recruitment not just as the process of matching a person to a job, rather, it is the opportunity to positively enhance someone’s career and subsequently their life. For him this is where the satisfaction of the job lies. Imran has established himself as an immense asset to Smyth and Bradshaw through his willingness to take on new challenges, his entrepreneurial mindset, and his interpersonal approach to recruitment.

Ismail Tekken - Senior Consultant
John Larson - CFO-EMENA
Khalil Al-Kaddo - Regional CEO
Laila Hussein Admin/Recruitment Consultant/PA to CEO
Manasa Kaslekar - Recruitment Consultant
Sam Brown - Operations Director
Varsha Vekaria - Recruitment Consultant